Moving the SolusVM Master

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1. Preparing the New Master

Install a new master server as explained in the Install Guide.

2. Backing up the Original Database

You can backup your original SolusVM master database by entering the admin area and selecting System Tools > Database and clicking Send to Email or by downloading it directly.

3. Replacing the Encryption Key

Parts of your database are encoded using a unique encryption key stored in /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf. You need to make a copy of the encryption key on the original master and replace it on the new master.

The format of the solusvm.conf is as follows:

example: <DATABASENAME>:<USER>:<PASSWORD>:<HOST>:<the key is the last entry>


If you miss this step, non of your passwords or slave connections will work.

4. Restoring the Database

Upload the database backup to the new master server.

You can get the new database details from /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf, they are seperated with  " :".

example: <DATABASENAME>:<USER>:<PASSWORD>:<HOST>:<the key is the last entry>

Run this code in SSH on the new master to restore the database:

/usr/bin/mysql --user=USER --password=PASSWORD DATABASENAME < database.sql

If you change the IP of the master, you might need to reissue the license in solusvm.

5. Slave Configuration

Each slave in your cluster needs to know the new masters ip address (only if the masters ip is changed).

On each slave add the ip of your master to /usr/local/solusvm/data/allow.dat OR delete /usr/local/solusvm/data/allow.dat so it can be re-written.

6. OS Templates

Don't forget to FTP, RSYNC etc. your OS templates to the new master.